How to get in Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum

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Every indy 500 fans must have to visite Indy 500 Museum. Inside Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum there are many things to know about the world’s oldest race. Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum also called IMS Museum. IMS Museum has the world’s most premier automotive and motor racing vehicle collections. If you are a vehicle lover then you must have to visit the IMS Museum. After every year Indy 500 race the actual perpetual trophy was staying in IMS Museum. So if you want to watch Borg-Warner Trophy then you can see it from IMS Museum.

Indy 500 Museum admission

How to buy Indy 500 Museum admission

Buying Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum admission is easy here we will give you some simple steps to buy. In the IMS Museum admission package there are four types of admission available according to age. For an adult the admission fees are $12, for senior (age 62+) is $11 and Youth (6-15)  is $8. if you want to take your child under 5 years then you don’t have to pay for them it’s free for under 5-year children.

Every day of the year The Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum is open without Christmas Day and Thanksgiving Day. Opening time and Closing time change two times in the year. March to October this time is 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. (ET) and November to February this time is 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. (ET). Tourists from home and abroad flock here at different times of the year to visit this museum Here are the racing cars used by the first-place winners at different times If you are interested in seeing all these famous racing cars then you can get that opportunity from here. To buy Indy 500 Museum admission online. please take your chance to enjoy it.

Tour in Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum

inside the Indy 500 museum, you can do two types of tour Kiss The Bricks Tour and Golf Cart Tours. If you are an indy 500 fan then you must have to know about Kiss The Bricks. If you also want to do Kiss The Bricks then you can do it with the Indy 500 museum package. You can also do Golf Cart Tours during the tour for these two tours you have to pay extra. If you want to buy then go to Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum official website.

Kiss The Bricks Tour

Every fan knows to kiss the bricks is one of the famous things of the Indy 500 race. If you want to do it like an indy racer you can do it. Indianapolis officially give this opportunity to all fans. If you want to do this you have to but a tour package. basically the tour duration is 30 minutes and it starts from the start/finish line of the race track.

  • For Adult (16+) admission price is $22
  • Senior (62+) admission price is $21
  • Youth (6-15) admission price is $15

Golf Cart Tour

This tour is around two-hour-long if you want to do this tour then you must have too but admission. If you buy admission you will get many features. During 2 hour professionally guided tour you will get Nonalcoholic drinks, VIP badge, and lanyard and In-depth tour of the facility to normally restricted areas. If you want to know the admission fees read below.

  • For an adult (ages 16 and up) admission fees are $50
  • For a child under  (ages 12-15), admission fees are $25


Afterall every Indy 500 fans have to visite Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum. If you visite in Indy museum you will learn a lot of things about the world’s oldest race. Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum gives every fan the best tour system with a cheap tour package.

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