Everything you need to know about Indy 500 Borg Warner Trophy

Indy 500 winner trophy also called Borg Warner Trophy. This trophy name comes from automotive supplier BorgWarner. Every indy 500 racers want to win this trophy and every fan also very excited about this Borg-Warner Trophy. Louis Meyer is the first indy 500 car driver who won the indy 500 trophy. Louis Meyer says after winning this trophy he feels like he won an Olympic medal. Do you know in 2019 Simon Pagenaud was the Indy 500 Trophy? he is the current reigning champion. If you want to do an indy 500 online tour then you can do it. This year doing everything from home is the best choice for COVID-19.

Indy 500 Trophy

Indy 500 Trophy Design

Borg-Warner Trophy was fully made with Sterling silver. This is the world’s highest trophy right now, Borg-Warner Trophy hight is around 5 feet 4 inches (163 cm). Robert J. Hill was the first designer of the indy 500 trophy in 1936 to 1985 the indy 500 trophy stay with the same design. Indy 500 trophy weight is Approximately 110 pounds. In this trophy, you can see many people face who have been won the indy 500.

About Baby Borg trophy

The baby borg is officially called Indianapolis 500 Champion Driver’s Trophy. Do you know indy 500 winner not get the actual perpetual trophy? Yes, the indy 500 actual trophy stays in the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum. the indy 500 winner takes baby borg trophy. If you want to see baby borg trophy then you can watch it on North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Every Indy 500 driver dream to have an Indianapolis 500 Champion Driver’s Trophy.

Fact about Indy 500 Trophy

  • You can see two faces in the same area in Indianapolis 500 Champion Driver’s Trophy. that means there are104 faces for only 101 events.
  • Celebrating with a bottle of buttermilk start in 1936 three-time winner Louis Meyer is the first diver who done this.
  • The indy 500 Trophy cost is $3.5 million it’s so expensive.

How to watch Indy 500 Trophy

If you want to watch Indy 500 trophy from closer you can do that. after the race, the indy 500 actual trophy is staying in Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum. The Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum is open for every Indy 500 fans you just have to book tickets and watch indy 500 trophy from closer. We have a full guide on how to get in Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum you can read our article and know what you don’t know.

How Indy 500 Drivers win Indy 500 Trophy

Every Indy 500 drivers want to win the Borg-Warner Trophy but only one driver wins this trophy. Practice and practice is the key to winning the indy 500 trophy. Every Indy 500 winner do their best to win the race. Winning the Indy 500 trophy is not a little thing. So if any indy 500 drivers won the indy 500 race everyone knows him and his name will be Engraving in indy 500 trophy.


So we all are the indy 500 fan and we don’t want to miss anything about indy 500. We know about every single event during the indy 500 race. If you want to watch Indy 500 Trophy from closer then you can visite Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum. The actual indy 500 trophies are staying in the museum if you are an indy 500fan then you must have to see it. If you want to know more about indy 500 then you can find everything here.

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