IPL 500 Festival Parade 2020 Route and Live Stream

This year IPL 500 Festival Parad will be happening on Saturday, August 22, 2020. All IPL fans are very excited about this year’s parade. For Covid-19 everyone was lockdown on the home during this parade all fans can get out and have some fun. But for Covid-19 this year parade capacity will be half and everyone has to make sure social distance. For this reason this year many fans can’t participate in this parade but we have also more options for IPL 500 fans. IPL 500 fans can watch this year parade live stream on any device. If you want to know how you can want IPL 500 Festival Parade 2020 Live Stream from home then read full details below.

IPL 500 Festival Parade

How to watch the Indy 500 Festival Online

Yes, you wan watch Indy 500 festival live streaming online. This year Indianapolis officially broadcasts on WTHR. Indy fan also can watch IPL 500 Festival Parade on Channel 13 and it also telecast nationally on NBC Sports Network. This year watching IPL 500 from home is the best choice for everyone. We will provide you the best way to watch the Indy 500 festival online. You can watch this event on you any device you can also watch this festival with HD broadcasting.

Indy 500 Parade Tickets

This year Indy 500 parade tickets will be seven types of chairs. You can find VIP Bleachers, First Row of Chairs, Second Row of Chairs, Bleacher, Value Sections – Front Row of Chairs, Value Sections – Front Row of Chairs, and VIP First Row Chairs. Each chair’s price is different the VIP Bleachers tickets price is $35.00 and the First Row of Chairs price is $24.00. If you need to choose more option you can do that Indy 500 have Value Sections – Front Row of Chairs for $18.00 and Bleacher tickets for only $16.00. Don’t worry the indy 500 have the best of the best tickets choice for you just buy your tickets now.

2020 Parade Theme

Indianapolis 500 says this year “Start Your Engines!” this is the most famous words during the IPL 500 Festival Parade. This event was celebrating during more than 60 years watch year we see a new parade theme. Parade day we all will stand on the start line so we can say together “Start Your Engines!”.

IPL 500 Route

Knowing IPL 500 route is the first thing during the Indy 500 parade if you don’t know this year’s parade route then you must know it. This year the IPL 500 parade will start from Ohio and the parade will go through Michigan, New York, and Vermont. If you want to know more about the Indy 500 parade route then you can check our article.


For Covid-19 the para was a delay but finally, the IPL 500 parade will happening. All indy 500 fans are so excited for this year parade everyone wants to participate in this parade. Unfortunately for the Covid-19 pandemic, many people can’t get together and we have to make sure social distance. Our best opinion for this time to watch IPL 500 festival parade 2020 from home.

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