How to Watch Indy 500 Snake Pit Online

The lineup for the Indy 500 Snake Pit has already been announced following the Indianapolis 500. With Martin Garrix leading the lineup, youths can’t wait anymore to come and uncork their excitement on the event day. But hey, wait, mate. Before you step up on the world’s most exciting and high adrenaline electronic music show, book your ticket now. Don’t know how to get the tickets for 2020 Snake Pit? Don’t worry; we have piled up all the information on how to watch Indy 500 Snake Pit online along with the detailed information for the tickets.

And here we go.

Indy 500 Snake Pit Online

Watch Indy 500 Snake Pit

Coors Light is the proud sponsor of one of the most awaited concerts of the 2020 calendar. Likewise, every year, the event details helped along with the lineup, host, and ticketing details have been announced. Hence, it’s time you knew about the location and schedule of the heart-pumping event so that you can reschedule your worktime and still enjoy the show.

Date, Time and Location

Indy 500 Snake Pit, the most anticipated and heartthrob concert of the year will take place on May 24. 2020. This is undoubtedly one of the largest electronic music concerts happening around the globe. Consequently, it brings excitement and fun for both family members and friends.

This will give a perfect kick off the upcoming sizzling summer. The buzz and the thrill of the music will match perfectly with the roadsters at Indianapolis Motorway. When cars will pass you with an incredible speed of 230 MPH, and you will hear the guitar tunes, a feeling of happiness will go through your veins and arteries.

So, don’t let go of it- book your ticket now.
Don’t know how to get tickets online? Read the following section.

About Indy Snake Pit ticket

As Martin Garrix, along with Galantis, Rezz, Yellow Claw, and others, will set fire on the iconic stage of the Snake Pit celebration, you will know what music brings in life. But before that, you need to get access to the event.
However, if you want to be a spectator of the breathtaking concert, you must be over 18.

General Admission Package

This package is pocket-friendly while offers almost all the premium facilities of the Indianapolis Motorway 500. It includes

  • GA ticket on the Indy 500 race day. The ticket price is $35. You will be able to watch the Snake Pit event also.
  • A special GA Snake Pit wristband at $45.

So, the total cost for the General admission to the event is only $80.

VIP Admission Package

The cost for the VIP Admission on the Indy 500 Snake Pit is $180. It includes-

  • The race day GA ticket for the Indy 500 at the price of $35.
  • A special VIP GA Snake Pit wristband at $145.

Besides, there are other facilities also that you will enjoy as a VIP guest.

Note: The price of the wristband for both General and VIP entry will increase from April 7 onwards. Hence, hurry up to save some bucks.

Indy 500 Snake Pit Live Stream

If you want to experience the smoothest and most mindboggling car races of the world along with enchanting music, the Indy 500 Snake Pit is a must for you. But what happens if you are outside your home or you are a teenager below 18. Should you miss the heart-pumping race and the grand celebration? No way. There’s always the option to avail of the Indy 500 Snake Pit online streaming services- from anywhere.

NBC Sports is the official broadcasting partner of the show. Luckily, the channel is available on different live streaming platforms. Among them the most reliable are-

  • Fubo TV
  • YouTube TV
  • PlayStation Vue and
  • Sling Tv.

You can subscribe to these online streaming services and get unlimited access to the Snake Pit events. Also, you can watch the show via Facebook Watch.

About Fan Policies

The Indianapolis Motor Driveway, aka, IMS proudly calls them as the host of the world’s best spectators. The spectators are often tagged as ‘Fan,’ and for their convenient viewing experience on the event day, IMS has developed few dos and don’ts over the year. These are now known a Fan Policies, and IMS aspires that every fan will abide by it.

The fan policy has four different sections. These are

  • Parking and Camping in the exterior lots: It is a guideline on vehicle parking and behavior in the outer corner of the IMS.
  • Parking and Camping in the interior: Those who will enter the inside of the IMS will have to follow this detailed guideline.
  • If you love the excitement and perform some overwhelming task, you need to follow the Glamping guideline.
  • Lastly, once you enter the event, you should abide by the Infield Camping rules.

You can read the full Fan Policy here.

Final Words

When the electronic music surges the IMS with the mesmerizing tune, the spectators will know the meaning of fun and excitement. If you want to be the part of this jaw-dropping experience of the 2020 Snake Pit, go, grab your ticket. Otherwise, if you will be away on the race day, pick your most convenient online streaming service now. This will allow you to watch the musical concert right from the word go.

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