What Event Is Canceled Due to COVID-19 On Indy 500 Race

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This year due to the Covid-19 world most of the event was canceled and its effect also falls in the Indy 500 race. Indy 500 is one of the oldest races in the world it’s happening during 1911. Indianapolis 500 doesn’t want to stop this event, So they canceled some event during Indy 50 race and most of the event will be happing this year. Here we will give you the full details about which event was canceled and which event will be happening. If you are an Indy 500 fan then you must have to know about this. So let’s start

Indy 500 COVID-19 Updates

FGL Fest 2020 Canceled

Sorry to say that but the FGL fest was canceled due to COVID-19. Indianapolis Motor Speedway officially announce that this year FGL fest is not happing. Every single Indy 500 fan is so excited about this festival but this year it’s not happening. IMS officials announced that they can do that festival with 25 percent of people but Indy all fans are a family so Indianapolis Motor Speedway doesn’t want to do with 25% fans. This is the second time the FGL fest canceled in three years. If you want to know more about FGL tickets cancellation find here.

Driven2SaveLives BC39 2020 was Canceled

Driven2SaveLives BC39 is not happening in this year sorry to say that but Indianapolis officially announce that. IMS officials announced for COVID-19 this year Driven2SaveLives BC39 is not happing. Driven2SaveLives BC39 tickets will not sale to anyone after this announcement. IMS also announce that in 2021 Driven2SaveLives BC39 event will be happing.

IPL 500 Festival Canceled

500 Festival event this year is not taking place including the IPL 500 Festival Parade. IPL 500 has a large number of fans they all are so excited about this event but sorry to say that this year IPL 500 is not take place. 500 Festival officially announce that the 2021 IPL event will be happing. 500 Festival also announced that everyone can join from now to IPL 500 Festival.

What Event is Happening

Indy 500 is not famous for just race, they also famous for events during the indy race. People from around the world got together and make fun with a lot of events. This year Indy 500 official announce that many even is not happening but there is more event to enjoy. If you want to know which event is happing this year read below.

  • Indy 500 Practice – Aug. 11-14, 2020
  • Crown Royal Armed Forces Qualifying – Aug. 15-16, 2020
  • Miller Lite Carb Day– Aug. 21, 2020
  • Firestone Legends Day presented by Firestone – Aug. 22, 2020
  • Indy 500 Race Day


After all Indy 500 is the most famous race in the world. Every Indy fans don’t want to miss any update about Indy 500. Here on this website, you can find information like this. Indy 500 taking place on Sunday, August 23, 2020, if you miss buying tickets then don’t worry you can watch it online.

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